Hello! My name is Yuanyuan Su and I am a recent graduate from ArtCenter College of Design with an MFA in graphic design. I focus on branding and typography during my studies, I am also interested in gaining more experience in digital and spatial design. Currently based in Los Angeles, I am looking for freelance opportunities in the US. Get in touch via hey@yuansu.design or (+1)313 264 9954.


Entrepreneurial Branding Project | Art Center College of Design

Zooeum is set up to awake people’s attention about protecting children’s creativity by bring children’s imaginations to life.

Human are born full of creativity, nearly every parents has discovered unexpected talents in their children. But some people lose it as they grow up. Drawing is an inherent ability that every child has. When they have not fully chontraled a language, they try every possibilities to communicate, with their body language, imitative words and drawing. As each child has their own verbal language, they also have their unique way to draw.

This project starts at my personal collections of 80’s generation old photos. I focus on the direction of “artificial scenes” in the old childhood photos, which imspired me to create an artifical scenes full of creativity.