This is Yuanyuan Su, a multidisciplinary graphic designer graduated from ArtCenter College of Design, based in Portland PDX. Focus on branding, typography, print and digital in the worlds of art, commerce and culture. 

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Tomorrows  - work in progress
2021 | Logo  / Album Cover / Music Video / Social Media

Son Lux is a geographically and culturally diverse band, with Rafiq Bhatia, Ian Chang, and Ryan Lott each bringing their unique sonic approach to create an otherworldly whole. TOMORROWS provides an appropriate parallel for the sustained cacophony of the present moment, advancing a friction that reveals the strange in the familiar and the familiar in the strange. The process of creating Tomorrows is iterative in nature, with the lyrical content and music continually adapting and responding to one another and the shifting landscape of the moment.

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