This is Yuanyuan Su, a multidisciplinary graphic designer graduated from ArtCenter College of Design, based in Portland PDX. Focus on branding, typography, print and digital in the worlds of art, commerce and culture. 

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Soild Sound
2019    Typography as Image  |  ArtCenter of College

Music is the most beautiful thing in the world. Some people listen to it through their eyes. David Hockney is an artist with the disease Synesthesia, but he utilizes it in his work. He was also inspired by the Cavalier perspective from Chinese Gongbi scroll paintings.

I designed a set of fonts that explore Synesthesia and Cavalier perspective in type, which creates a sense of immersive experience for viewers. In my poster series, I blowed up the three-dimensional elements in the font to lead the viewers to feel they can go into the space of fonts and touch it.

In the Spring of 2018, the final execution of this class project was developed as a spatial graphic installation leading into and across the first parking level of the 1111 building at South Campus—transforming a routine arrival pathway into an integral component of the visitor experience.

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